CranApple Codder

This a perfect cocktail for a warmer fall day out on the porch. Putting a nice twist on the Cape Cod by adding apple flavor to sweeten and cut that strong cranberry tartness. What is a Cape Cod? A Cape Codder is a Vodka Cranberry cocktail with equal parts juice and liquor. Usually served in … Read more

Absintini Ballot (Absinthe Martini)

This absintini ballot is a fun cocktail for election season! Made with just 3 ingredients and served cold, you will love drinking this for your election night coverage party. What is a Absinthe Martini cocktail? The Absintini Ballot is a Gin Absinthe Martini with a bit more Absinthe. It is traditionally served in a chilled … Read more

How to make a Manhattan?

What is a Manhattan cocktail? A Manhattan cocktail is a classic cocktail made with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters served in a martini or coupe glass traditionally without ice. I always feel fancy ordering this classic cocktail at a bar especially when they bring it out in a nice coupe glass. One sip and … Read more