40 Best Christmas Holiday Bourbon Cocktail Drinks

Christmas season is a perfect way to celebrate the warm bourbon liquor in amazing and unique alcoholic drinks.

We have pulled together a list of 40 Best Christmas Holiday Bourbon Cocktail Drinks that you can enjoy all holiday season long!

Whether you are looking for simple bourbon whiskey cocktails or something special on a cold night, we have you covered!

Below find our bourbon cocktail collection featuring various old fashioned cocktails, unique bourbon drinks, fruit forward cocktails, and creamy bourbon cocktails.

You need a delicious cocktail for a special occasion and these bourbon Christmas cocktails will not disappoint.

Dress up your Christmas Bourbon Cocktails with an orange slice, star anise, maraschino cherries (or even better – homemade brandied cherries) , fresh citrus, lemon peels, or Christmas spices where appropriate.

These Christmas bourbon drinks will keep you warm and festive all season long.

Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktails

Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktails

An old fashioned is a classic cocktail served in a rocks glass. These bourbon variations are perfect fun ideas for the winter holidays.

Bourbon Cocktails

Bourbon Cocktails Collection

Simple bourbon cocktails that elevate the bourbon whiskey using flavors of the season for any bourbon fan!

Fruit Forward Bourbon Cocktails

Fruity Bourbon Cocktails

In these bourbon whiskey cocktails we pair up various fruit elements to balance the liquor.

Creamy Bourbon Cocktails

Creamy Bourbon Cocktails

These Christmas bourbon cocktail recipes all use an element of creamy, balancing the warm flavors of the liquor.

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  1. Thank you so much for including my punch in this amazing round up! I’m a big bourbon girlie and will be bookmarking this FOR SURE! 🙂

  2. Bourbon is my favorite and now I have so many delicious cocktails to try! Thank you for this delicious roundup of Bourbon cocktails! Cheers!

  3. I’m not a big bourbon drinker, but the eggnog one was calling my name. I made it for our book club and it was fun to serve this delicious spiked nog. It was a hit!


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